20x30 ON METAL




As a photographer that is constantly trying to create unique, original imagery, traveling to popular locations such as Patagonia can be quite challenging. In 2017 I spent an entire month backpacking in the forests and mountains of Southern Argentina and Chile in order to have plenty of time for exploration and to find beautiful scenes to capture. After the first couple of weeks, I had made some images but still felt like I hadn't created anything that was truly mine. While the photos I had taken were indeed original, I still felt like they resembled the other popular images that we have all seen before. 

On several different occasions while hiking to a lake up high beneath the mountains, I would pass by this waterfall. I stopped for just a moment to admire it a few different times but didn't feel moved to try and photograph it–mainly since I was either in a hurry to catch the light up at the lake, or to get back to camp and make some dinner. On this one morning while I was hiking back to my tent, there was something about the light and how it was perfectly illuminating this waterfall that stopped me in my tracks. By now, since a couple of weeks had gone by since I had first passed it, the foliage all around the waterfall was now vibrant and colorful. I pulled out my camera and took a few minutes to frame the scene you see here, as it all just naturally came together.

This image has now become one of my favorite photographs in my portfolio. It's not often you find such a beautiful waterfall framed perfectly by such amazing red and yellow leaves like this. As time goes by, I feel more and more grateful for witnessing such an incredible place in nature


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