On Location Workshops

     I’ve never been a fan of traveling in big groups organized by travel agencies or tour companies. I have always enjoyed traveling alone at my own pace, undistracted by others that may not share the same motives and passion for photography that I have. I especially enjoy creating my images alone as it allows me to connect deeper to the nature around me and as a result, create what I feel are more powerful, meaningful images. I wouldn’t pay to go on a tour in a big group myself, so why try to offer something that I wouldn’t buy?      

     By limiting myself to working with only 1 to 2 clients at a time, I hope to provide you with a more, authentic experience, by traveling and shooting exactly the same way I would on my own. With my undivided attention, I am able to explain the way I see the world, utilize light, and organize scenes in order to create my unique imagery. Without being in a big group, we won’t have to worry about sharing compositions, crowding around the same spots, and waiting up for others that might not be at your same level. The lessons you learn from both me and the places we travel to, will have the ability to sink in deeper to help you grow both as a photographer and a person. My goal is to provide you with an authentic experience that you will never forget as well as form a long lasting, personal relationship with you in order to be a part of your photographic journey.

     Your health, safety, and comfort are also highly important to me and necessary in order for you to be able to enjoy your trip. Without needing to take care of several other clients, I can make sure your needs are met and I can look out for you properly while in the backcountry. 

     The ability to be flexible is extremely important in photography. Light, weather, and conditions can change in the blink of an eye and one of the biggest factors of capturing a great image, is being there when everything lines up. Having to wait for others on the trail, or to pack up or unpack, can hinder the ability to be flexible and constantly be on the move while chasing ideal lighting. I would hate for you to miss out on unique opportunities for your photographs because of other clients holding you back. In the other hand, we will be able adjust our agenda in order to move at your own pace without having to worry about keeping up with other clients that may be in more of a hurry than you are.

     I’ve always been a strong believer in the “Leave no Trace” motto. Over the years I have seen a huge increase in crowds in the places I travel to as a result of their popularity, and unfortunately that has caused for these special places to be damaged, littered, and in some cases destroyed. I don’t want to contribute to the overcrowding of these wild areas and feel I am leaving a negative impact on the environment. Out of respect of these sacred locations, by keeping our group small, we won't be contributing to this increasingly destructive problem.

     Here are some of the workshop destinations I have coming up:




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