"Flowing Through"

"Tools Of The Trade: Vol. 4"

Run Time: 5 hrs 23 min

The fourth and final tutorial video of this series goes in depth on 5 more essential post-processing techniques, in order to overcome limitations of our cameras and lenses, create depth, enhance mood, and clean up compositions. You will see how the following techniques were used in the post-processing of 20 different images:

1. Focal Length Blending

2. Cloning

3. Dodging & Burning

4. Enhancing Atmosphere

5. Removing Lens Flares

Several examples are shown for each technique so that you can gain a clear and complete understanding of how they can be used in a variety of different scenes and lighting situations, and include them in your own workflow as well. This video is great for both beginner photographers looking to learn some key techniques in Photoshop, or advanced photographers just looking to fine tune their images.

You do not need to purchase any external plug-ins, apps, or programs in order to achieve the results shown in this video. You will only need Camera RAW/Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

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