"Call Of The Wild"

"Tools Of The Trade:  Vol. 1"

Run Time: 2 hrs 3 min

This tutorial video goes in depth on 5 essential post-processing techniques that were used in the creation of these 14 images. They are:

1. Color Separation

2. Pano Stitching

3. Light Painting

4. Web Sharpening

5. Print Preparation

Several examples are provided for each technique so you can see how they can be applied in a number of different lighting situations and scenes and gain a clear understanding of when and how you can use them in your own workflow. This is a great video for beginner photographers looking for an introduction to post-processing, or any skilled photographers wanting to pick up a few more techniques and tricks for their arsenal. 

You do not need to purchase any external plug-ins, apps, or programs in order to achieve the results shown in in this video. You will only need Camera RAW/Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Daniel Mata

    on July 15, 2019

    If you're looking to add some great techniques to your workflow this tutorial is awesome! even if you're a beginner with photoshop. Eric does a great job explaining how to separate tones and light paint efficiently as to how light naturally affects different scenes. And if you're ever looking to print your work he even includes a great explanation on preparing for print. All in all this video is highly informative and recommend it to everyone! Great job Eric!

  • Bruce King

    on July 6, 2019

    I watched it yesterday. I'm probably an intermediate level user of PS and I learned a lot. There are many ways to do most things in PS and Eric does a good job of showing what he does and explaining why he does it that way. Easy to follow and understand.

  • Wayne Lodwig

    on July 4, 2019

    Working my way through it and already learned so much. Eric is awesome and his tutorials are so i inspiring. Thank you 👌🥂

  • Jack Brinn

    on July 4, 2019

    I highly recommend this video. Eric’s deliberate pace combined with his field and processing experiences will enrich your photographic art. Jack Brinn

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