Tapestry - Start To Finish - bennettfilm

"Tapestry" From Start to Finish

Run Time: 2 hrs  5 min

This video covers the entire process of creating this image in Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop. You don't need to buy any panels or any extra plugins in order to follow along. It's focused on overcoming challenges like shooting into the sun, processing trees and leaves against the sky, avoiding/removing lens flares, removing blue haze, processing blue skies, improving compositional balance and creating color harmonies within colorful scenes. The techniques shown in this video include dodging and burning, adding mid tone contrast, luminosity masks, color separation, adding orton, enhancing light, cloning out unwanted objects, warping, bringing soft areas back into focus, and resizing and sharpening for the web as well as for print.

A PSD file of the processed image is included to refer to and follow along with.

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