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"Starter Pack"

Run Time: 10 hrs

This bundle was designed to help you learn the main techniques and skills that go into creating a great image. With these three tutorial videos, you will learn how to approach compositions in the field more creatively and deliberately, how to process your images in photoshop, and how to best prepare them to share on the web or print them for yourself and customers. If you are just now learning about my tutorial videos, this is definitely a great place to start. 

Tutorial Videos Included:

1. "Refining Composition"

2. "Dark Brilliance"

3. "Tools Of The Trade: Vol 1"

You do not need to purchase any external plug-ins, apps, or programs in order to achieve the results shown in in this video. You will only need Camera RAW/Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

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"I have watched all three tutorials and let me tell you, I love them. I found in them eye opening insights that ultimately changed the way I view my images as well as others’ images. I have always known that for an image to be strong it needs to have a clear subject. However, never have I seen it put so eloquently outlining first the fact that the subject may not necessarily be a physical object, it could be a pattern, or the interaction of light and shadow, etc. Then the whole concept of excluding and including to emphasize the subject and not to fulfill a formula. This is obviously regarding "Refining Composition" and much is also to be said about the "Tools of the Trade" and the "Less is More" videos where you give an insight to your style which is subtle yet impactful."

- Aref Ahmed, "Starter Pack"

"I’ve been bored to tears by other materials on composition, but this video is truly engaging. The way Eric explains complex ideas in a simple manner really helps to make it all click. This is a lot of content to consume, but Eric keeps it interesting with behind the scenes videos and photo examples. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal and one of the best on the market, well worth the investment!"

– David Kingham, "Refining Composition"

"I really really enjoyed this tutorial. Eric guides you through his whole thought process behind everything from the composition to the editing style he chooses for each image. There are some real great techniques found within each video that I refer to often. He always keeps the viewer in the loop with what he is doing and more importantly, why he is doing it. It's real easy for me to get caught up in a technique and how to use it then rather why I am using it. This is something that is covered quite well in this tutorial. Although this was my first tutorial by Eric, I'm really looking forward to the next one."

– Martin Gonzalez, "Less Is More"

"If you're looking to add some great techniques to your workflow this tutorial is awesome! even if you're a beginner with photoshop. Eric does a great job explaining how to separate tones and light paint efficiently as to how light naturally affects different scenes. And if you're ever looking to print your work he even includes a great explanation on preparing for print. All in all this video is highly informative and recommend it to everyone!"

– Daniel Mata, "Tools Of The Trade: Vol. 1"

"I absolutely loved this! Composition is a skill I am working on and this course has been so helpful. Eric is thorough in his teaching and explains through a variety of examples from his amazing work. He doesn't just teach rules but invites students to consider their own process through thoughtful questions and suggestions. 'Refining Composition' is definitely a course I’ll be revisiting many times!"

– Brie Stockwell, "Refining Composition"

"As always, Eric is very articulate and not only explains what techniques he uses, but why he chooses these techniques for each individual image. I have watched many processing tutorial videos, but I was particularly impressed how Eric introduced new Photoshop techniques I had never used before. It was also interesting to see that background behind the composition for each intimate scene. Looking forward to checking out Eric's other videos!"

– Blake Simpson, "Less Is More"

"I highly recommend this video. Eric’s deliberate pace combined with his field and processing experiences will enrich your photographic art."

– Jack Brinn, "Tools Of The Trade: Vol. 1"

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