"Spirit Of The Wild"

"Spirit of the Wild"

A Season in the Utah & Wyoming Backcountry

127 Pages - All new images, essays, and behind the scenes

In the summer of 2020, I went on the most incredible backpacking trip of my entire life, covering over 140 miles in some of the most remote mountains of the United States. Between that amazing journey and the other backpacking trips I made in the season, I came home with over 45 portfolio images and countless stories and experiences. With too much content to do a normal gallery release, these all came together to make this virtual gallery exhibition.

In this presentation you will find all new images as well as the stories behind them, thoughts and tales from deep in the backcountry, and essays on how global warming and human intervention is affecting these precious mountain ecosystems. I hope that this portfolio will fill you with excitement and rekindle your love for photographing and experiencing the natural world.

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While this PDF can be viewed on different devices,

I highly recommend viewing it on a large calibrated monitor for the best experience.

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"Eric Bennett's 'Spirit of the Wild' is a heartfelt photographic journey through a place that clearly holds deep meaning and significance in his life. Eric’s stunning alpine photography is complemented with a mix of essays that help the reader envision the experience of traveling through these mountains, contemplate our impact on the landscape, and think more deeply about what it means to spend time immersed in the natural world. The book is also a poignant reminder of the healing power of nature, which Eric demonstrates through the lens of his own experience with the pandemic and an otherwise personally challenging year. I highly recommend this deeply personal, moving portrait of Eric’s time spent in one of his favorite places."  - Sarah Marino

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