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As a mountain lover, I always new I would end up traveling down to Patagonia at some point to see its dramatic peaks and towers for myself. When I finally did go for the first time in 2017, I packed just enough food, camera gear, and equipment to be able to backpack into the mountains and stay there for an entire month. I knew I would need plenty of time for weather conditions, lighting, and connecting with the landscape in order to create photographs that I would be proud of. 

If you are familiar with Patagonia at all, you probably already know how brutal the weather is there. Most of my time was spent sitting in my tent, waiting out torrential rainstorms that would go on for days at a time. I recall one heavy storm that took an entire seven days to pass, and I only left my tent for a few brief moments each day when I needed to get water or go to the bathroom. It felt like I would never get the chance to create the photographs that I had envisioned. In that entire month I spent there, I only saw the incredible mountain peaks on a few occasions, which made me appreciate them even more.

I took this photograph near the end of my trip, when we had a few days of decent weather. The atmospheric clouds swirling around the peaks, the beautiful morning light, and the vibrant fall foliage lining this curving stream made for a magnificent scene to behold. These rare moments between the storms produce incredible light and drama, and are what made me return to Patagonia two more times in the following years. It has been a couple of years now since I last traveled there, but I know I will return one day.   



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