20x30 ON METAL




In 2017 I was lucky enough to obtain permits for this rarely visited area in the Cascade Range of Washington state. When choosing dates, we tried to time our visit to coincide with fall colors as best as possible, when the larch trees in this area turn vibrant golds and oranges. What we weren't counting on, was backpacking in single digit temperatures during a 3 day snow storm. 

After nonstop snow, the storm finally cleared out and the sun began to shine. With the warmer weather I felt a little bit more enthusiastic about exploring the area more, and decided to go on a hike by myself to see the rest of the basin. I was happily wandering along when all of a sudden I spotted this tree that was startlingly alive looking. I was fascinated by its human-like shape, with arms, hands, and even a head. I knew I needed to photograph it. 

Since then my fascination with trees has only grown, as I have learned more and more about their complex processes, tightly night communities, and creative resourcefulness. Trees are much more alive than we think, they feel pain and even take care of each other. They communicate messages to one another through scents, noises, and signals. We are just beginning to better understand the incredible lives of these beings. 

Trees are now my favorite subjects to photograph, not only for their diverse nature and obvious beauty, but also because of how I feel when I am around them. I will always be grateful for all that they do for us, our planet is not only inhabitable because of them, but they make it a much prettier place to live as well. 


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