"Essential Theory: Pt. 1 Refining Composition"

Run Time: 5 hrs 5 min

This video focuses on the fundamental compositional principles that go into making a compelling photograph. Instead of technical aspects of photography, I explain more about the art of photography–telling a story through images and creating thought provoking photographs that move others. It consists of 7 chapters, breaking down what can specifically be done in order to create a composition that is concise and powerful. You will see detailed explanations of each principle, personal stories from the field, and many image examples where these concepts are demonstrated through both my successes and failures, so you can know how to implement them into your own photography as well as what you can avoid. You will learn how to better organize both wide and intimate scenes, understand and compose abstract scenes, create visual flow, draw attention and focus to your subjects, know what to include or exclude, pre-visualize images, and influence the viewer's eye to look exactly where you want them to.

This is where it all begins, with taking a great photo in the field. These are the most important things I have learned over the last decade as a landscape photographer. 


"I’ve been bored to tears by other materials on composition, but this video is truly engaging. The way Eric explains complex ideas in a simple manner really helps to make it all click. This is a lot of content to consume, but Eric keeps it interesting with behind the scenes videos and photo examples. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal and one of the best on the market, well worth the investment!"

David Kingham, Owner of the Nature Photographers Network

"Purchased this last week and cannot recommend it enough! This video really opens your eyes to the possibilities within the landscape(s) you shoot. Definitely worth viewing regardless of where you're at in your photography journey!"

– Josh Belanger


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  • Matt Redfern

    on March 28, 2022

    This is hands down the best instruction on composition I’ve seen to date. Eric does an awesome job at going into detail on techniques you can use to intentionally create not only a visually appealing photo, but also go beyond that and create a meaningful image. I’ve never seen it broken down this well in a tutorial or presentation. Eric has a more experiential way of teaching that I find very helpful even though this is a pre-recorded tutorial. I highly recommend anyone wanting to further their education on creating impactful images to purchase this. If you’re like me, you will find yourself inspired to get out there and be more mindful about what you are photographing, why you are photographing it, and how you capture it to best convey what you see.

  • Brie Stockwell

    on August 11, 2021

    I absolutely loved this! Composition is a skill I am working on and this course has been so helpful. Eric is thorough in his teaching and explains through a variety of examples from his amazing work. He doesn't just teach rules but invites students to consider their own process through thoughtful questions and suggestions. “Refining Composition” is definitely a course I’ll be revisiting many times!

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