Private Workshops

     Between my scheduled travels and photography workshops I am available throughout the year for private in-field photography instruction. I frequent many locations where I am based in the Southwest which gives me an advantage when it comes to creating unique images. I can plan the locations of our trip based on the kinds of images you hope to create. With my vast knowledge of the area, I can make sure you are in the right place at the right time in order to bring home the photos you have in mind. I am available to travel to any location you would like to receive instruction in. (Travel fees apply)

     I am very easy going and I love sharing my passion for photography with others. You will learn skills that will benefit your photography beyond just during our time together such as how to effectively compose images, utilize available light, and make the best of each location you are in. One-on-one workshops, as opposed to group workshops, mean you will have my complete, undivided attention, and we can move at a pace that best suits you. Whether you are just starting out as a photographer and are looking to learn the very basics, or you are an already skilled photographer just looking more for a guide of the area, I can put together a trip that will work for you.

     My rate is $600 per day not including any expenses such as entry fees, gas, travel, etc. and $300/day for each additional person. A 20% non refundable deposit will be required at the time of booking in order to secure the dates for your private workshop.

     Send an email to to schedule your private one-on-one or group workshop. 

"Cutting Through"

"I had a private workshop in Iceland with Eric in September of 2018. My photographic process has changed significantly since this workshop. Eric’s ability to break down complicated concepts and get to the core of your motivations to take photos is second to none. His ability to find and execute world class images throughout bad weather and harsh light is incredible, allowing you to shoot longer. I walked away from Iceland with several unique images and a new motivation to shoot even after the golden light has all but faded. Outside of shooting in the field, Eric’s knowledge and passion for post-processing is uncanny. During our down time he helped me articulate my artistic vision on certain images, by talking through composition and giving me post-processing advice. Overall Eric is a genuine and fun guy, someone I consider a dear mentor. I’m grateful for the new skills and amazing memories from our time in Iceland!"

– Jacob Lewis, Australia

"I went with Eric to Patagonia on a private workshop in April of 2018 and had an incredible experience. My highest praise for Eric's workshop was his willingness and ability to teach various techniques throughout different times of the day and in imperfect weather conditions. We spent 5 days around El Chalten and after 2 days of rain, I was stunned to see other photography groups pack up and leave. I later heard that those groups spent their time in town drinking and eating at expensive hotels. Eric and I stuck it out and spent the rainy periods talking about photography theory and all things life. Another reason that I was grateful to have gone with Eric was that I also saw other groups shooting sunrise, then doing nothing else for the rest of the day. Eric took me out for sunrise and then spent the entire day hiking around with me, showing me various scenes we could shoot outside of the golden hours. Eric has the knowledge and passion to teach at all levels of photography. Not only were the photography lessons incredibly valuable, but Eric is a funny guy and we had an absolute blast. I'm grateful I was able to come home with new skills and memories I'll remember for a lifetime."

– James Sanki, Australia

"I had a private workshop with Eric for a full day in Southern Utah this past October. His knowledge of the area, capturing really cool scenes and great light, as well as his broad knowledge of photography techniques were superb and I left with a truly great experience. He is easily approachable and genuinely cares about guiding you. I am very pleased to have had the chance to hook up with Eric and am planning on doing so again in the near future at other locations."

– Stephen Vecchiotti, USA

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