"Less Is More" Virtual Workshop

How to Create Concise and Powerful Imagery


Date: April 24-25, 2021

Location: Online

Group Size: 20 Participants

Skill Level: Photographers of All Skill Levels Welcome

"Molten Mud"


     In this virtual, presentation style workshop I will be showing you how to create concise and powerful imagery. Through slides, exercises, discussions, and examples, you will learn how to better visualize and organize your surroundings in order to capture compelling photographs. I will guide you through my entire thought process and personal approach to landscape photography so that you can know how to achieve your own artistic goals and be capable of creating emotional and thought provoking images that both move and impress your viewers.                

     This workshop consists of two, 4 hour long sessions. In the first session, on Saturday from 1000-1400 MT, I will cover my philosophy behind compositions and how I creatively utilize lighting while I am photographing scenes in the field. I will walk you through, step by step, everything that goes through my mind in order to organize a cohesive and powerful image. You will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of how to create a variety of powerful photographs from your surroundings in all different kinds of environments and lighting.

"Frozen Over"

     In the second session, on Sunday from 1000-1400 MT, I will cover the post processing, from beginning to end, of several images, and show you all of my advanced techniques I use to develop and add the finishing touches to my photographs in my non-destructive workflow. These are, but not limited to: Luminosity Masking, Color Separation, Creating Color Harmony, Exposure Blending, Double Processing, Adding Micro Contrast, Controlled Warping, Cloning, Removing Distractions, Light Painting, Dodging and Burning, and preparing your image both for web display and for print.

     You will be provided several RAW files to be able to follow along with me on your own computer as I process my images if you choose to.

     The entire workshop will be recorded and will be available to download for all participants. 

What You'll Need

* Secure, Reliable Internet Connection

* Microphone

* Computer or Notebook for taking notes

* Computer with Adobe Photoshop for Post Processing Session (Recommended but not mandatory) 

"Earth And Sky"

In the event you should have to cancel,

registration fees for this workshop are non-refundable.

"Mud Storm"

Already Taken This Workshop? Leave a review!

  • Luiz Arroyo

    on April 25, 2021

    This workshop was fantastic. I am so happy Eric offered it again this year through an online format. I learned so much about landscape photography composition.

    In this workshop, Eric does a great job of teaching you how to break down various images to understand precisely what it is about an image that makes it compelling and what compositional techniques and conditions were utilized to achieve that result. This understanding of both composition and lighting conditions is something I am excited to take out into the field to help me in composing future shots.

    In particular, Eric does a great job of explaining the compositional techniques and approaches to smaller scene (intimate-type) landscape images. Composing intimate landscapes is something that has always been a struggle for me. After attending this workshop, I feel like I have a solid toolbox that I take out into the field to help me scout and compose smaller scene landscape photos.

    Eric also provides a rundown of his post-processing techniques that gives you a great base for how Eric processes his photos in Photoshop. I highly recommend pairing this workshop with Eric’s “Tools of the Trade” Vols. 1-3 video series as those tutorials will give you a much more in-depth look into each of his post-processing techniques.

  • Brenda Petrella

    on April 21, 2020

    Wonderful experience! Even though we were supposed to meet in person at the Outsiders Conference, Eric did an exceptional job of making this workshop valuable to each of us that couldn't transfer to next year's conference. He structured the workshop so that we all participated and felt part of the discussion. I've admired Eric's work for a long time and was very grateful to learn more about his process, how he approaches compositions, what elements he's considering as he's framing the shot, and then his post-processing style and process. I'm eager to get back to my own archives and see how to apply some of the concepts I learned here to my images. Thank you, Eric, for making this happen! Highly recommend.

  • Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero

    on April 20, 2020

    Excellent!! When the Outsiders conference was cancelled, Eric took it upon himself to offer this workshop online. I'm so glad I chose to participate! Eric did a great job keeping us all engaged with interactive exercises by calling on us to share our own observations when analyzing images. He helped us along by asking more specific questions when we were unsure of ourselves. He also shared his own thinking behind those same images and had us imagine the same scenes in different lighting scenarios. That was extremely eye-opening for me! And it was a valuable lesson in how to capture well-known locations in a way that is unique-to-you (as well as how to create powerful images in just about any lighting scenario). And THEN, Eric took it up a notch by sharing his approach to post-processing in ACR and Photoshop. Not only did he explain _how_ to do something, he explained _why_ he did it that way. For me, understanding _why_ is what helps me then apply the knowledge to my own images. In particular, his method for simplifying the colors in an image was completely new to me and something that I will be applying to my own image processing in the future. Eric was very generous with his time and knowledge and I could tell that he had spent quite a bit of time thinking through how best to replicate the classroom experience in an online format. From my perspective it was a huge success and I would happily take another online workshop from him, though I do hope to meet him in person someday.

  • Norman Doggett

    on April 20, 2020

    Eric led a very effective Zoom workshop during this stay at home time. He engaged all of us in the on-line discussions and used many examples of his excellent photography to teach us better ways to create powerful imagery. I came away from the workshop with an improved eye for analyzing photos to continue my learning as well as a better appreciation for connecting with the places that I will photograph and how to make effective use of many different lighting conditions. Eric shared his post processing workflow in LR/CR and PS and this was excellent, particularly in the steps to refine luminosity in landscape images.

  • Marvin Moriarty

    on April 20, 2020

    Excellent workshop ... My main take away from the first part is that I need to start "seeing" better when composing my work. I m amazed at the power of light, color, shapes, shadows etc. to move the viewer's eye - and heart. I'm headed out tomorrow to improve my workflow with this very important additional knowledge. The post processing section of the workshop was very valuable to me as it showed me "the possible" when utilizing Photoshop as a higher level processor beyond Lightroom and Camera Raw. Now on to learn Photoshop!!!

  • Betsy Botsford

    on April 20, 2020

    This was a great workshop! I learned a lot about light and using that light within my composition. Eric was so open with his ideas and is definitely a skilled teacher. His approach to composition and artistic photographs is unique to him and inspiring to learn. Eric was kind and open and led the discussions in a very genuine way. I felt like he was teaching rather than preaching. Definitely will be taking more from Eric in the future!

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