"Fleeing Light"

"Fleeing Light" From Start to Finish

Run Time: 1hr  35 min

This video covers the entire process of creating this image from start to finish in Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop. It's focused on overcoming the many challenges of Landscape Photography by using techniques like exposure blending, luminosity masks, adding orton, cleaning up lens flares and water spots, dodging and burning, color separation, color harmony, enhancing light, improving composition by controlled warping, resizing and sharpening for web and many more. This video will be discontinued by 11/1. Get 25% off with code: LASTCALL

A PSD file of the processed image is included to refer to and follow along with.

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Get 25% off with code: LASTCALL

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  • Danny MacRostie

    on May 18, 2017

    This is first tutorial I have ever purchased and I was not disappointed! I love getting out to take photos but editing has never been my strong suit. Eric has created a great, in depth tutorial that really opened my eyes to powerful editing techniques I would have never discovered on my own. Almost every time I sit down to edit some photos I open up this tutorial so I can reference different parts as I go. This tutorial, whether Eric intended it to or not, goes beyond just the post-processing. His’s vision for the final photo, from conception to photographing techniques to editing, shines through and has helped improve the way I approach and visualize taking images. Thanks to Eric for putting this together!

  • James Sanki

    on May 1, 2017

    Eric has created a great video for users to learn how to create amazing images. Not only does it cover techniques used in photoshop, but Eric takes the time to explain the image as a whole process, including composition, taking multiple exposures to blend in post (and different reasons this can be of use) and his workflow when post processing. Something I appreciated is that he self assesses his image throughout the entire video to explain what needs to be done next. Some of my favourite things covered in this video is that he teaches how to create depth in an image by highlighting separation between foreground and background, teaches how to enhance the light source with a light bleeding effect, shows how and explains when to utilise the warping and perspective tools (and where they can be a limitation). These explanations were of great use to me. I look forward to adding these techniques to my arsenal!

    It's a great behind the scenes look from one of the best in the business. Thanks for sharing, Eric!

  • Bjorn Baklien

    on April 11, 2017

    Bjorn Baklien

    I have a number of tutorial videos from various professionals and have found this method of sharing knowledge very useful indeed. I am fairly proficient in photoshop but my own problem is often the lack of vision or seeing where I should take the editing to produce the best possible image. I have gone through your video and found that I could understand very well what you were doing at each step and you have explained clearly how and why you are doing this. I have not been as adventurous with the transform tools but as I shoot with a 50 mp camera I should not worrt too much about loss of resolution in transformed areas. I particularly liked your idea of changing the perspective to raise the foreground so it looks closer. Also I do use overlay dodging with and without colour to brighten highlights and add light but have been masking it out directly from the shadows as Ryan Dyar does instead of using a lights luminosity mask as you do to keep the brightening out of the dark areas. I hear you when you say that each raw image needs to be edited on its own merits and may require its own tailored approach. In any case I can see many applications for what you have shown me in this video and I think a fantastic start to hopefully a rewarding series. I look forward to a few future landscape edits with mountains and waterfalls. Very pleased with this Eric and hopefully you might be able to help me out when I hit a road block in my editing.

  • Christian Hoiberg

    on March 8, 2017

    Eric Bennet provides tons of valuable information in this processing video. Both beginners and advanced photographers have much to learn from this. Eric reveals several nondestructive techniques and it's easy to follow along. Highly recommended!

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