20x30 ON METAL




Zion is loved by many, and because of its incomparable beauty, it attracts thousands of nature photographers every year. Since it may be one of the most photographed national parks in the United States, it can make it difficult for artists like myself to find new scenes and subjects to capture. Luckily there is still endless beauty to be found in Zion besides the iconic viewpoints, monoliths, and trails, especially if you are willing to hike a bit farther. 

Fall is my favorite season to visit Zion, since leaves of the many maples, cottonwoods, and box elders throughout the canyon change color and create a beautiful palette for photography. I was going weekend after weekend and really enjoying hiking through the narrows, wading through the chilly water and looking up at enormous canyon walls. However, nearly everything around me had already been photographed time and time again. Determined to find an original scene to photograph, I continued hiking upward, deeper and deeper into the canyon.

After many miles, the canyon began to feel foreign, and I stopped recognizing my surroundings. I continued further, driven by a curiosity to know what else was there. Once I was seven miles into the canyon, I reached a beautiful riparian area of the canyon where I turned around and saw this magnificent scene. The only problem was the light was not illuminating the canyon correctly, and I knew if I came back I could create a better photograph. I decided to go back the next weekend to try again, and after two more attempts, I was able to hike up the canyon fast enough to reach this spot during the ideal lighting. 

This photograph is very special to me, not just because of the unforgettable experience I had being here, but because I was able to create my own unique take of such a popular and beloved canyon. It serves as a constant reminder of the rewards that wait for us if we can just explore a little more and venture on a little further. 


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