Critique Groups

     With this new service, I am not only hoping to offer constructive criticism, creative ideas, and suggestions on how you can improve your photographs, but that you will be able to learn from and connect with other fellow nature photographers as well.

     In each session you will join several other photographers and share 3-5 of your own photos (depending on group size), which we will then review together over Zoom. I always like to start out by asking a few questions in order to have some context about the photo and understand your intentions behind it. I will then point out positive things that I notice about the subject matter, composition, and lighting, certain aspects of the scene that I don't feel are working, and suggestions for improvement. After my critique, other participants will be able to comment as well.

     The point of this service is so that you may learn, not only from seeing how I dissect your own photos, but the photos from other photographers as well, who may be shooting completely different styles of photography. The discussions will always be positive, uplifting, and most of all, inspiring. This is an environment where we can all feel comfortable to speak our minds, learn, and grow together.

  • "Dark Brilliance"
  • "Shimmer"
  • "Arcangel"
  • “Quintet"

     My vision is not only to host Critique Groups on my own, but also to regularly team up with different guest photographers for special sessions to offer an additional, unique point of view on your images. I am lucky enough to be friends with some of the greatest photographers in the industry, and I hope that I can create the opportunity for you to learn from them as well. 

     Payment is due at the time of signing up. The cost of each session may vary, depending on group size, guest instructors, etc. Due to limited availability and high demand, payments are non-refundable, please only sign up if you plan on attending. If you miss the session, you will be sent a recording. 

     In order to let the discussions flow and progress naturally, all sessions will be left open-ended. I would allow at least 2 hours so that you can participate in most of the session, but every session will be recorded and sent out afterwards. Once you sign up, you will be emailed with instructions on how to prepare for your session.

Please do your best to sign up well in advance so I can have everyone's material ready to review.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming sessions that will be listed here, or sign up for my newsletter to be notified:


w/ Eric Bennett

Date: 2/5/2022

Time: 9AM MST

Cost: $99 USD

Group Size: 5

Only 4 spots left!


w/ Eric Bennett & David Thompson

Date: 2/26/2022

Time: 9AM MST

Cost: $149 USD

Group Size: 7


w/ Eric Bennett & Alex Noriega

Date: 3/19/2022

Time: 9AM MST

Cost: $149 USD

Group Size: 7


"Eric and David's Critique Group session exceeded my expectations. The environment they created was relaxed, inclusive, and non-judgmental, which allowed me to really open up and learn from them as well as the other participants. Their feedback was well articulated and precise. Whether it was diving into concepts around in-field techniques, composition, vision, or post-processing, Eric and David's mastery was on full display. They not only gave useful advice but also took the time to explain the "why" behind their feedback. They were also incredibly patient and thoughtful in responding to our questions. On top of all this, the group format was especially helpful for two reasons. First, seeing other photographers' images and hearing Eric and David's critique allowed me to see things through a completely fresh perspective. Second, hearing the questions and input from others in the group also helped me think about things from different angles that I wouldn't have otherwise. I would highly recommend this group critique workshop for anyone looking to take their photography to the next level."

– Alex Jones

"I've often been stuck in my own delusions thinking I was doing my best work only to discover down the road that there were things I could have done better had I simply asked others for honest advice. Online tutorials are great for information on how to do things, but receiving honest feedback is equally important for the growth process.

"Eric and David's Critique Group session was well worth the investment in my own growth as a landscape photographer. Not only was it helpful having my own images critiqued from two photographers I admire, I also found it very helpful to see other photographers' images critiqued. The beauty of a setting like this is that the collective of photos reviewed span across multiple locations and conditions as opposed to a critique amongst a group while in a workshop at a specific location where many of the attendees have similar subjects. I came away with pages of notes not only from the critique of my own images but also images from others in the group. Eric and David did an excellent job in pointing out what they loved about each image and also provided the honest truth about what could be done to improve them in the most constructive way possible. Some of the questions asked about each image will stick with me while I am both in the field composing as well as during the editing process.

"In my opinion, these groups are well worth the investment for anyone looking to either get out of a rut you feel you're in as well as for the photographer that thinks their work has arrived at perfection. There is something in these groups for everyone."

- Matt Redfern

"Great Critique Group session! Two of landscape photography's most talented and gifted artists, Eric Bennett and David Thompson each brought their best lessons to this mere mortal. From composition and light, to processing and color theory, I really feel like they took great care in assessing (constructively, of course) each image and asked all the right questions. Some really great pieces of wisdom that I had never heard before. It was wonderful learning how to better my own image (in the field with composition, and in the digital darkroom), but also learned a lot from looking at all the others' images and their critiques. Highly recommend attending the next critique session; it's absolutely worth every penny!"

– Barb Livieri

"Eric's Critique Groups are an excellent means of improving one's photographic skills by helping you see images through the eyes of a professional. The sessions provide a balance of impartial criticism and praise for what is well done, and most importantly, why. These sessions are a rare opportunity to discuss one-on-one the essential details of our art with a top professional. For those who are serious about seeking assistance in raising the level of their art, Eric's Critique Groups are an invaluable service."

- Bill Hill

"Eric’s Critique Group session, which we did with David Thompson, provided incredibly valuable insights into composition, color and even field techniques. It gave me better tools to tell a more compelling visual story. The critiques of the images of my cohort taught me more than my own images. It was an invaluable experience for an aspiring photographer."

- Jamel Bland

"Eric's Critique Group was fantastic. The opportunity to hear and discuss feedback from Eric as well as the other participants helped me to see my own images in a new perspective, and to think about new approaches in the field and at the computer."

- Greg Barsh

"Eric sees the world completely differently. He sees images and can tell if there are any distracting elements, lines, or shapes that you would have not noticed. He doesn't hold back and gives you his most honest feedback on the images you present him. This was the exact kind of critique that I needed on my own work. It's sobering but his advice and feedback rings through my mind as I work on my next set of images or while I am out in the field. It's refreshing to know that there is an honest voice out there that you can rely on in a world where social media is dominated with empty compliments. I am grateful for Eric's review of my images and would not hesitate to have them reviewed again."

- Martin Gonzalez

"Detailed, high-effort feedback from a skilled artist can be really hard to find these days. I'm really glad Eric offers this service and that he spent some of his time really digging into a set of my nature photographs. He gave specific critiques and praises of elements of each image, and in particular was able to point out things I had never seen in images I've worked on for a long time. He could see the forest through the trees, so to speak. A lot of his advice was immediately actionable on those images, and hearing his thoughts on how he approaches composition and processing will benefit me in the future, too! I would recommend this service to anybody that would benefit from an expert eye on their images... and really, who wouldn't!?"

- Brent Clark

"I want to thank Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule to review my portfolio. As clear as it is in his own work, Eric's experience and expertise became very clear during our review. His advice both in composition and post-processing helped me see things more critically, and examine my own work even more. Growth is endless in landscape photography, and having a class-A dude like Eric helping me to grow in my journey is an honor."

- Eric Thiessen

"Honestly, my images are so personal to me and it’s a little like bearing one’s soul to open them up for critique. In our session, Eric perfectly balanced compliments and constructive criticism and made some very thoughtful suggestions. He helped me hone in on distracting elements, gave me editing refinements, made future compositional suggestions and helped me to focus on what I want to say with my images. Plus, he’s an awesome guy to talk with! I’ll definitely be asking him to help me with my future portfolio!"

- Brie Stockwell

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