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"Conversations With Nature"

Photographs from around the World

168 Pages - Foreword by William Neill, Introduction by Alex Noriega

My first photography book is the fruit of several years I spent (2016-2019) admiring the natural beauty of our planet. It features over 120 of my favorite photographs from all over the world and contains 4 sections: Forests, Deserts, Mountains, and Canyons, along with accompanying essays about the importance of each environment, what makes them special, and the threats they currently face as a result of climate change, pollution, and development. Through photography, I hope to share the true value of wild places and what they offer us as humans in their pure, unspoiled state, which far surpasses anything we could extract from them materially. This book was created as a new way to experience my art, allowing you to slow down and appreciate the fine, marvelous details of nature.

This 11x11in hardbound, stitched, fine art photography book was created using high quality materials, guaranteed to not only look stunning but also to last through plenty of time and wear. All of the images and text were printed in high resolution on thick gallery quality, 120lb paper with state of the art machines.

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Book Weight: 4.4lb/2kg

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From people who have seen this book:

"I've spent the last fifteen years as a full time nature photographer and as I look at Eric's work I'm continually in awe of his awareness of the subtleties of nature. His images convey such emotion that you are carried away, transported into a contemplative place where the cares of life fade away. His work is among the very best and is highly regarded in the nature photography community. I highly recommend his newest book, "Conversations with Nature". You will be inspired."   - Erik Stensland

"I recently had the privilege of sitting down with Eric to have a look at his new book. It's crystal clear that Eric is one of the best photographers on planet Earth, however what I suddenly realized while sifting through those stunning pages...Eric is a brilliant writer, thinker and hyper-focused steward of Mother Nature as well. This man cares deeply about our environment today, tomorrow, and forever going forward. Eric is active with his words, and his actions mirror his words.

"I cannot begin to express how beautiful this book looks. I've been holding photo books all my life but nothing comes close to this one. It's beautifully organized from beginning to end. His words will connect, and the photos jump off the pages as you would expect from Eric Bennett. His guest writers William Neill, and Alex Noriega both empty their personal feelings with beautifully written pieces that represent Eric's beliefs and attest to his prolific, life long relationship with Mother Nature. I cannot better recommend this book folks. You need this one. It's a true deep dive into the mind of Eric Bennett."   - Kane Engelbert

"Eric Bennett’s new book, 'Conversations with Nature,' will be a delight for anyone who appreciates the natural world. The book’s collection of photographs is impressive, ranging from the most stunning vistas on earth to the intricate details that help tell a more intimate and complete story of an ecosystem. Paired with his photographs, Eric’s thoughtful writing makes a compelling case for why we should all see inherent value in wild places and seek to protect them. The care, passion, and dedication with which Eric approaches his photographic endeavors is apparent on every page. Thus, I highly recommend adding this beautifully printed, inspiring book to your collection and sharing it with others who appreciate nature."   - Sarah Marino

"Back in 2015, Eric sent me a message asking me if I could look at a few of his images and give him some feedback on how he could improve them. Here we are, some 5 years later and Eric still shows that drive and determination. His vision holds strong, and it shows with his imagery. It's one thing to see Eric's work on the computer, but to see his vision and thoughts in print is even better. In his new book, 'Conversations With Nature' one can see Eric's imagery in a very special way. The imagery is beautifully crafted, the writing is well thought out and meaningful, and the book itself, down to the materials, paper, and print is excellent. The book is one of the nicest photography books that I have ever seen. 'Conversations With Nature' is truly a piece of art, and I highly recommend you invest in it.

"Eric Bennett, I want to take the time to tell you how proud I am of your commitment and dedication to your craft/imagery. It has been an absolute pleasure, and quite inspiring to see you grow as a person and an artist...it shows in your work. I always enjoy our conversations about life and photography. Even when we didn't see eye to eye on things, our friendship and mutual respect for each other has always stayed true. I never thought when Cecil Whitt told me that at some point during my journey, I would have to pay it forward it would be with you...full circle. Keep inspiring."   - David Thompson

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