20x30 ON METAL




As a photographer that is constantly trying to create unique, original imagery, traveling to popular locations such as Patagonia can be quite challenging. From 2017-2019 I made three different month-long trips down to Argentina and Chile to backpack and explore the region as much as possible. After the first couple of years, I had already made many images of the iconic mountains, but I was still hoping to capture more of the region's incredible forests. 

On several different occasions while hiking along the river, I would pass by this grove of trees. I stopped for just a moment to admire it a few different times but didn't feel moved to try and photograph it–mainly since I was either in a hurry to catch the light on the mountains, or to get back to camp and make some dinner. On this one afternoon while I was hiking back to my tent, there was something about the light and how it was perfectly illuminating these trees that stopped me in my tracks. By now, since a couple of weeks had gone by since I had first passed them, their leaves were now vibrant and colorful. I pulled out my camera and took a few minutes to frame the scene you see here, as it all just naturally came together.

I have now become known for my forest images from Patagonia. Since there had only been a few images made of them, neglected by most photographers as they were captivated by the mountains, it became a personal project of mine to capture the incredible trees of this region. As time goes by, I feel more and more grateful for witnessing such an incredible place in nature


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