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Wild Winds


Dates: August 19 - August 23 2018 (5 Days)

Location: Wind River Range, WY

Group Size: Maximum of 6 Participants

Skill Level: Photographers of All Skill Levels Welcome

Difficulty: We will be hiking 10+ miles into our basecamp at 9,000ft+ elevation carrying in all of our camera gear, food, and camping equipment on our backs. Other days we will just be shooting from our base camp or doing short day hikes to other locations close by. Even during summer there can be below freezing temperatures, rain storms, and occasional snowfall. These conditions provide for the epic, moody scenes that the Wind Rivers are known for.


     Finding unique, epic landscapes in the US (or anywhere in the world for that matter) that haven't already been shot by every landscape photographer and their mom is close to impossible these days. It's also hard to find a beautiful place to shoot where you aren't surrounded by big groups of tourists and photographers. For those in search of a place of stillness, solitude, and dramatic photo opportunities, this is the workshop for you. 

     The Wind River Range is considered the most remote wilderness in the lower 48. These mountains are not accessible by roads, airplanes, or any form of transportation besides on foot or by horse, which is what has kept people away from them. This area is not a national park or monument like its neighbors, Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP, which means there are no bathrooms, trash cans, or rangers. It is simply wilderness in its richest and purest form, which brings many benefits and a few challenges. For most people, going in here alone is too daunting of a task, but with our backcountry guide and I you will be well taken care of.

     During our 5 day adventure we will be hiking along the shores of beautiful alpine lakes, through basins of wildflowers surrounded by 14,000ft peaks, and winding rivers and streams, without seeing more than a handful of people each day and absolutely no litter. The people that make the effort to come here do so because they love the area and feel a responsibility to take care of it. This is what makes this place so special.

     For our workshop we will be flying into Salt Lake City, UT airport and driving 4 hours to the trailhead of Island Lake. We will pack everything we need for the next 5 days to hike a mostly flat trail for 12 miles (5-6 hours) into our base camp surrounded by several, beautiful lakes and waterfalls at the trailhead for Titcomb Basin and Indian Basin. We will camp there for 4 nights and explore both of the basins as well as the area right around our campsite which provide for numerous photo opportunities. (Horse travel into basecamp is also available upon request for an additional fee)

     We will then wake up early and pack up to head back out the same way and drive back to Salt Lake to either drop you off at the airport or wherever you are staying.

What's Included

* 5 days of photography tuition from myself, Eric Bennett

* All transportation to and from SLC airport or Hotel

* A 16x24 print from my Wind River Range gallery

* Free swag from Coalatree

What You'll Need

* Backpacking Gear (Trekking Backpack, Winter Sleeping Bag, Lightweight 3 Season Tent, Water Filter)

* Photography Gear (DSLR or Professional Digital Camera, a Wide Angle and Telephoto Lens, Tripod, Shutter Release Remote, Multiple SD Cards, Plenty of Batteries)

* Appropriate Clothing (Waterproof Pants, Waterproof Hiking Boots, Waterproof Shell, Down Jacket, Gloves, Beanie, etc.)

Not Included

* Flights in and out of Salt Lake City, UT

* Visa Fees, Travel Insurance

* Meals, Snacks, and Drinks


$1199 USD


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