"Tools Of The Trade: Vol 2" - bennettfilm

"Tools Of The Trade: Vol. 2"

Run Time: 2 hrs 35 min

The second tutorial video of this series goes in depth on 5 more, essential post-processing techniques, in order to learn how to overcome certain challenges with composition, lighting and weather conditions that often present themselves in the field. This video shows how the following techniques were used in the creation of 11 different images: Time Blending, Enhancing Color, Removing Water Droplets, Controlled Warping, and Exposure Blending (Bracketing). Several examples are provided to demonstrate each technique so that you can gain a clear understanding of how and when you should apply them in your own workflow. This is a great video for beginner photographers looking for an introduction to post-processing, or any skilled photographers wanting to pick up a few more techniques and tricks for their arsenal.

You do not need to purchase any external plug-ins, apps, or programs in order to achieve the results shown in in this video. You will only need Camera RAW/Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

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