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"Tools Of The Trade" The Complete Series

Run Time: 20 hrs 30 min

This series was made to give in-depth explanations and examples of the essential techniques and tools of Photoshop for landscape photography. Each video focuses on 5 different editing techniques and demonstrates how they can be used in different scenes, lighting, and weather conditions. This has been my most popular post-processing tutorial video series yet, and you are guaranteed to gain a deep understanding of the very techniques that I use on all of my own images. This series will surely help you to fully achieve your artistic vision and channel your creativity without restraint.

You can purchase all 4 volumes in this video tutorial bundle at a discounted rate.

$199 USD (Save $40)  COMING SOON



1. Color Separation

2. Pano Stitching

3. Light Painting

4. Web Sharpening

5. Print Preparation


1. Time Blending

2. Enhancing Color

3. Removing Water Droplets

4. Controlled Warping

5. Exposure Blending


1. Midtone Contrast

2. Color Harmony

3. Enhancing Light

4. Removing Objects

5. Double Processing


1. Focal Length Blending

2. Cloning

3. Dodging & Burning

4. Enhancing Atmosphere

5. Removing Flares


"I am someone who has consumed a lot of landscape photography post-processing tutorials, and in my opinion, Eric’s Tools of the Trade videos are the best post-processing tutorials out there. Eric has a fantastic post-processing style, and these videos provide you with the various post-processing techniques Eric uses on his images. In particular, his techniques for achieving color separation/contrast are top notch and are something that I now do in almost all of my photos. Eric is a great instructor. He does a great job of not only explaining the 'technical how to' of these various techniques, but he also explains the when and why you should or should not apply certain techniques to your images. I recommend all three videos. (In addition, I recommend pairing these Tools of the Trade videos with at least one of Eric’s 'Start to Finish' tutorials as it will help you better tie all the various techniques together into a workflow that can be applied to your images.)"

– Luiz Arroyo

"If you're looking to add some great techniques to your workflow this tutorial is awesome! even if you're a beginner with photoshop. Eric does a great job explaining how to separate tones and light paint efficiently as to how light naturally affects different scenes. And if you're ever looking to print your work he even includes a great explanation on preparing for print. All in all this video is highly informative and recommend it to everyone!"

– Daniel Mata, "Volume 1"

"A very good video that gets down to the point about several useful tools ESPECIALLY if you're beginning with Photoshop. The case studies are very thorough as well. Even as a more advanced user of PS I found some new things out that I didn't know before."

– Bobby Burton, "Volume 2"

"If you’re interested in adding powerful yet simple techniques to your processing workflow, then this is for you. For example, Eric clearly illustrates how to apply mid-tone contrast in various lighting conditions to make your images pop. Highly recommended!"

- Jacob Lewis, "Volume 3"

"I watched it yesterday. I'm probably an intermediate level user of PS and I learned a lot. There are many ways to do most things in PS and Eric does a good job of showing what he does and explaining why he does it that way. Easy to follow and understand."

– Bruce King, "Volume 1"

"Eric has a great way of explaining his process. He clearly and precisely illustrates his methods, explaining exactly why he makes the adjustments he does. I couldn't recommend this video enough! A perfect addition to the processing arsenal. Clear and to the point."

- Michael Kenny, "Volume 3"

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