"Less Is More" Virtual Workshop

How to Create Concise and Powerful Imagery


Date: TBA

Location: Online Workshop Via Zoom

Group Size: 30 Participants

Skill Level: Photographers of All Skill Levels Welcome

"Molten Mud"


     In this virtual, presentation style workshop I will be showing you how to create concise and powerful imagery. Through slides, exercises, discussions, and examples, you will learn how to better visualize and organize your surroundings in order to capture compelling photographs. I will guide you through my entire thought process and personal approach to landscape photography so that you can know how to achieve your own artistic goals and be capable of creating emotional and thought provoking images that both move and impress your viewers.

     This workshop consists of two, 4 hour long sessions. In the first session, on Saturday from 0900-1300 MT, I will cover my philosophy behind compositions and how I creatively utilize lighting while I am photographing scenes in the field. I will walk you through, step by step, everything that goes through my mind in order to organize a cohesive and powerful image. You will come away from this workshop with a better understanding of how to create a variety of powerful photographs from your surroundings in all different kinds of environments and lighting.

"Frozen Over"

     In the second session, on Sunday from 0900-1300 MT, I will cover the post processing, from beginning to end, of several images, and show you all of my advanced techniques I use to develop and add the finishing touches to my photographs in my non-destructive workflow. These are, but not limited to: Luminosity Masking, Color Separation, Creating Color Harmony, Exposure Blending, Double Processing, Adding Micro Contrast, Controlled Warping, Cloning, Removing Distractions, Light Painting, Dodging and Burning, and preparing your image both for web display and for print.

     You will be provided several RAW files to be able to follow along with me on your own computer as I process my images if you choose to.

     In the event you should have to cancel, registration fees for this workshop are non-refundable.

What You'll Need

* Secure, Reliable Internet Connection

* Microphone

* Computer or Notebook for taking notes

* Computer with Adobe Photoshop for Post Processing Session (Recommended but not mandatory) 

"Earth And Sky"
"Delicate Diagonals"

Email: bennettfilm@gmail.com to be

notified when announced

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