A Once Wild Place


The Companion

"Faint Memories"

Mountain Therapy

"Spirit of the Wild"

"Arboreal Australis"

"Worlds Ephemeral"

"Pacific Poetry"

Forest Bathing

"Heart Of The Wild"

"Vanishing World"

"End Of The Earth"

"Land Of Solace II"

"Land Of Solace I"

"Faces Of Fall"

"Colors Of Life"

"Call Of The Wild"

"In Perfect Harmony"

Wilderness Society Photo Essay

"A Secret Affair"

The Undoing Of GSENM

COMING SOON: "Tidal Tales"


Excerpts from Essays on Nature

"...this is why, as a photographer, I have chosen nature as my sole subject. I love nature. It is in natural places, enjoying their space, stillness, and silence, that I am able to find solace and regain equanimity. It is in nature that I am able to calm my mind, gain a broader perspective, and sometimes, even laugh at the tragedies of life. It is only then, after I have freed myself from burdening emotions, that I am able to create any kind of art with my camera." – Rebirth

"Whenever I go hiking, before anything else, I always notice that first breath of clean, fresh air. I feel it go deep into my lungs and slowly dissipate throughout my body, already working its magic. That feeling always gets me excited to strap on my boots, throw on my pack, and head into the wild. I’d be hard-pressed to think of anything else that makes me feel more alive." – Mountain Therapy

"Over the years I have built deep personal relationships with these places as if they were longtime friends, by returning time and time again, and experiencing them in many different conditions–both internally and externally. I return to them not in hopes of reliving my initial experience, but because I know there are still endless opportunities for exploration and discovery–as the place and myself will be different every time–and I will continue to have new meaningful experiences." – Spirit of the Wild

"What they fail to see is that our wilderness in its natural, unaltered state, is more valuable than anything that we could hope to extract from it. That value can’t always be shown in numbers or data, it has to be seen, smelt, touched, and heard. It is a spiritual value that has to be felt by the human soul."

The WIlderness Society Photo Essay

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