"Call Of The Wild" - Foreword


     The mountains. Probably the most universally loved landscapes in the world. Their unarguable power, beauty, and immensity is easily understood and appreciated by all as they tower over everything else and dominate the environment in which they stand. I have had the pleasure of backpacking in many of the world's most stunning mountain ranges over the last few years in all different seasons and climates. But each summer, they always seem to call me back. Climbing up to their higher altitude to escape the heat and enjoy silence and stillness as I get farther and farther away from civilization.

"Darkness Falls"

     The photographs in this new gallery were taken on several different trips. One of them, was to Dolomiti, Italy, with a good friend of mine as we explored several different areas of the range on a fast paced trip. Due to poor planning, we ended up both having to share a small, 1 man tent, while taking shelter at night from powerful thunderstorms. Luckily, there were many clear nights that showed no promise of rain towards the end of the trip, where I was able to sleep out in the open, falling asleep as I looked up at the stars. 

"Welcoming The Light"

     Other photographs in this gallery were taken during several trips I made into the Wind River Range, in Wyoming, a beloved place that I immediately fell in love with on my first trip there in 2017. I returned this year to try and capture more of the range but most of all, in an attempt to try and relive the beautiful experience I had the year prior. The experience I had this year was different, but just as impactful nonetheless.

     My wife and I also decided to visit the Winds on our honeymoon, to spend a week in a basin that I had been to before and desperately wanted her to experience. This can give you an idea of how important it is for us to be in nature, to experience its tranquility and moving scenery. That was a trip that I am positive neither of us will forget, and it yielded many beautiful hikes and several images.

"Call Of The Wild"

     The rest of the images were created in local areas of the Uinta Mountains near where we live, both alone and in the company of my wife and our two daughters. Each summer we enjoy getting out to hike and explore as much as possible, even when we just have a day or two free. A certain lake that we love to backpack to and camp at, always puts on an incredible show of wildflowers. This year we all took a short walk around the lake's shore and we counted over 30 different species of flowers, varying in shape, size, and color. 

     Every time I am around the mountains, I seem to learn something that helps me realign my priorities and desires and renew my appreciation for life. I hope through this latest gallery I can show you how we are so so lucky to live on this amazingly beautiful and diverse planet, and that you can feel gratitude and love for the precious life you have been allowed to be a part of. Then, take that gratitude and appreciation and share it with the world by teaching others the sacredness of our wilderness that is still left intact and unaltered, so that we may preserve these precious places that allow the human soul to heal and grow. 

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