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"Tools Of The Trade" The Complete Series

This tutorial video bundle includes all 4 volumes of the "Tools of the Trade" series. This series was made to be able to explore techniques more in-depth and show how they can be used in different ways in all kinds of images with unique lighting and subject matter. Through explanations, examples, and demonstrations, you will learn the essential post-processing techniques of Photoshop and Camera RAW.

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"Mastering Mood"

This tutorial video bundle contains "Essential Theory: Seeing the Light," "Tools of the Trade: Vol. 4," and "High Key Processing." This bundle is a great place to start when it comes to capturing evocative scenes in the field and knowing how to enhance their mood even further in post-processing.

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"Starter Pack"

This tutorial video bundle contains "Tools Of The Trade: Vol. 1," "Essential Theory: Refining Composition," and "Dark Brilliance - Start to Finish." This bundle is a great way to dive right in and learn my entire process from taking a great image in the field to editing and preparing for print in Photoshop. 

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"I am someone who has consumed a lot of landscape photography post-processing tutorials, and in my opinion, Eric’s Tools of the Trade videos are the best post-processing tutorials out there. Eric has a fantastic post-processing style, and these videos provide you with the various post-processing techniques Eric uses on his images. In particular, his techniques for achieving color separation/contrast are top notch and are something that I now do in almost all of my photos. Eric is a great instructor. He does a great job of not only explaining the 'technical how to' of these various techniques, but he also explains the when and why you should or should not apply certain techniques to your images. I recommend all four videos. (In addition, I recommend pairing these Tool of the Trade videos with at least one of Eric’s 'Start to Finish' tutorials as it will help you better tie all the various techniques together into a workflow that can be applied to your images.)"

– Luiz Arroyo "Tools of the Trade"

"I’ve been bored to tears by other materials on composition, but this video is truly engaging. The way Eric explains complex ideas in a simple manner really helps to make it all click. This is a lot of content to consume, but Eric keeps it interesting with behind the scenes videos and photo examples. The amount of work put into this is phenomenal and one of the best on the market, well worth the investment!"

– David Kingham, "Refining Composition"

"I really liked this tutorial! I think the hardest part when thinking of high key images is to learn when it's a good idea to go high key. What I like the most is that Eric addressed that through the tutorial presenting a series of different images and explaining why the images work with high key processing. Great Stuff!"

– Manuel Palacios, "High Key Processing"

"Thoughtful explanations of solid techniques that will help you better utilize photoshop to bring out the best in your images. I highly recommend this video!"

- TJ Thorne, "The Classics"

"I'm a big fan of Eric's tutorials. He has a wealth of knowledge to share and does so at an easy-to-follow pace. In this video he does a great job of demonstrating how to work with the natural light to boost the scene. I enjoyed seeing how he manages to masterfully balance the warm and cool tones across the image. I've also learned a lot from Eric's use of luminosity masks. Using luminosity masks can be a bit confusing to begin with, but Eric manages to show just how easy it can be (and with incredible results)!"

- James Sanki, "The Classics"

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